Official Relations with the World Health Organization

The 18 years of consistent and regular engagement with the WHO and its various constituencies have led the Alliance to obtaining Official Relations (OR) with the WHO in 2015.

Based on an independent evaluation of the application documentation submitted in May 2014, the WHO has invited the Alliance to formally apply for OR. The Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health supported our application and we have developed with them a preliminary work plan for a three-year collaboration.

On the recommendation of the NGO Standing Committee on NGOs the Executive Board decided at its 136th session on 27 January 2015 to admit the Alliance into the family of more than 200 international NGOs in OR. This is an exciting new development, and will allow the Alliance to further develop relationships in the public health sphere and promote good health.

For the first time in our history the Alliance was entitled on its own right to submit a Statement to the World Health Assembly. It was on the Agenda item 14.5 A68/17, “Contributing to social and economic development: sustainable action across sectors to improve health and health equity (follow-up of the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion).”

The WHO’s support in providing technical assistance, facilitating consultation with various clusters of the WHO as well as providing meeting facilities and speakers have had a huge impact on achieving one of our objectives, namely mainstreaming Health Promotion.

Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council – ECOSOC

 The Alliance submitted its application to the UN for ECOSOC consultative status in June 2014. After one year of review period the July 2015 session of ECOSOC granted the Alliance for Health Promotion special consultative status. The first invitation to attend a UN high-level meeting has been received for the UN Summit, 24-26 September 2015 where the Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted. Although we were not able to attend the HLM in New York the Alliance benefited from its ECOSOC status through the NGO Liaison Office of the UN in Geneva (UNOG) which hosted its Jubilee conference in the Palais 18 May 2017 celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Alliance.