Regional Workshops

The aim of the regional workshops is to reach out to grassroots by organising awareness training on health promotion. It originated from a brainstorming session in 2011 with AEMRN (Afro-European Medical and Research Network) a former Board member of the Alliance. AEMRN had been holding rural mobile clinics in several African countries. Kitale, a rural town in Western Kenya was selected as the location for our first Regional Workshop which followed a week long mobile clinic service. Over 100 participants representing a wide diversity of sectors including community leaders, health professionals, patients, teachers, local NGOs and government among other stakeholders. They identified the most urgent health-related issues of the community.

4th Regional Health Promotion workshop 2015

Kitale, Kenya, 30 October 2015
preceded by AEMRN Mobile Clinics
28-29 October 201

3rd Regional Health Promotion workshop 2014

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Kitale, Kenya, 22 August 2014

2nd Regional Health Promotion workshop 2013

In conjunction with the AEMRN Mobile Clinics
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Kenya, 9 August 2013
Draft programme

1st International Health Promotion Workshop 2012

Kitale, Kenya, 3 August 2012
Draft Report
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