Health Promotion Day

Telling people that there is a way to improve their health is rarely sufficient to change behavior. Successful information campaigns are as much about social norms as they are about information.

Successful health promotion campaigns engage people emotionally and activate or change social norms as much as they provide information.

(World Bank Development Report 2015 « Mind, Society and, Behavior »)

The idea of organising a Health Promotion Day originates from the above statements.

Every year in May, over 1000 delegates from 150 countries gather in Geneva, the capital of global health, for the World Health Assembly (WHA). The Alliance wishes to take advantage of the Assembly and offer an opportunity to the local population and associations to meet and exchange with the global health actors in a friendly environment. This event is scheduled for the Sunday prior to the start of the WHA and hopes to demonstrate that health is a matter that concerns us all.

The international delegates spend a whole week sitting in the Assembly Hall of the Palais des Nations in Geneva and often leave without the possibility of learning about local reality.  Concomitantly, the local population is unaware of what occurs in the conference rooms where decisions about their lives and health are made. For these reasons, the Alliance believes it is important to organize a health promotion day to allow interactions between various groups.



GS, 7Feb2017