List of members

African Coalition on Traditional Practices and
Empowerment of Women, ACTPEW

African Women’s Organisation in Vienna

Associated Country Women of the World, ACWW

Association MAGI

Biovision Foundation

Commonwealth Association for Mental Handicap and                            Developmental Disabilities, CAMHADD

European Forum for Research and
Education in Allergy and Airway Diseases, EUFOREA

Espriu Foundation

Global Alliance of Women’s Health, GAWH

Health Nexus

International Federation of Home Economics, IFHE

International Federation of Medical Students’ Association,IFMSA

International Health Co-operative Organisation, IHCO

International Movement for Fraternal Union among Races and Peoples, UFER

International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, INPEA

International Pharmaceutical Federation, FIP

International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation, IPSF

Life University

MAGI Group

Mothers Legacy Project, MLP

NorWest Co-op

O’Neill Institute of Public Health, Georgetown University

Organisation européenne de la santé, OES

Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative, REPSSI

Regions of Climate Action, R20

Lakeside Center for Health Promotion

Education and Solidarity Network 

How To Become A Member

If you are an organization wishing to join the Alliance please contact us at

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